BASF New Zealand Website Blog Guidelines

Please note that the BASF Privacy Policy and Disclaimer also apply to the Blog Guidelines.  These are also available on this website. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these.

We invite all registered members to contribute to our Blog.

Please note that comments are moderated and must be on-topic and not abusive. They may be edited for length and clarity.

1. Who can submit comments?

All registered and approved members are welcome to submit comments on topic that are not abusive. However, as in any community, there have to be guidelines and rules.

2. What are the main rules?

Be courteous, respect other registered blog members' viewpoints.

  • Your comments must not be personally abusive about people, including others who have posted comments. Never use threatening language or terms.
  • Do not use swear words.
  • In keeping with NZ law, do not use language or make comments that can be considered discriminatory on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, nationality, age, disability, etc. Your comments must not contain, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise illegal material.
  • Putting whole words or sentences in CAPITAL letters is considered shouting in the internet world. This is unacceptable. Our moderators do not have the time to correct comments that use this method of getting a strongly held point across. Lots of exclamation marks are also annoying for readers. One used sparingly is enough, please.
  • Do not use text messaging short forms. Our moderators will sometimes change spelling or grammar so everyone can understand a submission.
  • Do not waste your time using the blog to try to spread gossip, breach court orders or make allegations about people. This is one of the reasons we have to moderate the blog.
  • Please do not use the blog to try to slip in free advertising.- By submitting a comment you are consenting to its display on the site. In submitting the comment, you are agreeing to abide by the rules, take responsibility for your comments and accept that these comments may be edited, deleted or not used.
  • We may add guidelines here from time and time as our community develops.

3. How can I report a comment I think breaks your rules?

Having read our rules, if you think a published comment has stepped over the line, it is a simple process to report it to us. Simply send an email to: and give your reason why you think the message should be removed. Remember, just disagreeing with someone's opinion is not a good enough reason for us to remove the comment.

4. Why do I have to give some personal details when registering to become a blog member and make comments?

We are trying to ask the bare minimum. We generally ask you only once for your details, then send you an email to select a password and confirm your registration. It'll only take a few moments and once you've registered you can submit a comment whenever you like. There are times when we need to clarify something and we may need to contact you. Providing your email address and a phone number during the registration process allows us to do this if necessary. We also feel that this is a show of good faith that you are genuine in the views you have submitted. We will not publish your email address or phone number.

5. Can I make suggestions or submit a complaint?

If you have any general thoughts about our community offerings, or consider something published inappropriate, let us know.

You can contact the blog editor here

6. What is the BASF privacy policy?

Your privacy on the Internet is important to us. Because the Internet offers the ability to collect certain types of information about users, we want you to understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of any information we gather. To that end, our privacy policy sets out what information we gather, how we may use it, and how to correct or change it. This is available as a separate document on this website.

Privacy in relation to the BASF Website Blog.


BASF New Zealand may gather the following types of information about users including you ("you"):

  1. personal information provided by you when you interact with us such as when you register your details for our Blog / email address details.

Disclosure of Information

We may disclose:

  1. Aggregated tracking information and other information that does not personally identify you, to third parties such as our website production company;
  2. Your personal information to third parties when we believe in good faith that we are required to do so by law;
  3. Your personal information to other third parties provided we have your prior authorisation, which we will usually obtain at the time of collecting the information from you if required.


We may use the personal information we collect:

  1. For verification of your identity and assisting you in case you forget your password or login details where these are necessary to comment on our blog.
  2. To assist in providing the products and services requested by you;
  3. To provide information to you about other websites, products and services, which we consider may be of interest to you;
  4. For future marketing, promotional and publicity purposes, including carrying out direct marketing/emails, market research and surveys;
  5. For ensuring that you are shown information that is most relevant to you and;
  6. For any other uses that you authorise.

Content Providers, Advertisers and Partners

Our site contains links to other sites, which may not follow the same privacy policies as us. We recommend that you check any relevant privacy policies before providing your personal information to any third party.


Our website uses Google analytics to monitor / collect anonymous data to help us track visitor behaviour.

The system is used to collect information such as:

  1. Number of pages viewed;
  2. The number of unique visitors;
  3. How long these visitors spend on the website when they do visit; and
  4. Common entry and exit points into and from the website.

For more information about Google analytics privacy policy go to:

Changes to Policy

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time by notifying site users of the existence of a revised privacy policy.

Holding, Correcting and Updating

Any personal information that you provide to us will be collected and held by us at 3 Airpark Drive, Airport Oaks, Manukau 2022, New Zealand. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have rights of access to and correction of personal information that we hold. We offer the ability to correct or change the information collected at any time and as often as necessary.

If you have any questions about how our services work or regarding this policy, contact us at or by mail to BASF New Zealand Ltd, PO Box 407, Auckland, New Zealand.

7. How do I contact the person in charge?

Send an email

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