Wal-Mart Weighs In On Fertilizer Use

02 October 2013

Came across this article on the Walmart Corporate Sustainability site. How long do you think it will take for this to become more main stream than is being requested / required in New Zealand? …

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Biodiversity in farm ecosystems (guest post)

23 August 2013

Southlands move to more intensive farming has highlighted the need to understand the nature of biodiversity in farm ecosystems, its role in sustainable production. Biodiversity, small animal communities and plant habitats on the farm, can assist farmers to deal with …

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On-Farm Plastic Recycling - Do you participate?

19 August 2013

A great article on on-farm plastic recycling in the Rural Contractor magazine, discussing findings by Plasback. …

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What is sustainability in our primary industries?

13 August 2013

In today's edition of Diary News, a publication by Rural News Group is an article taken from an interview I did with the Dairy News team, post a recent sustainability symposium I attended in Berlin. I would be interested in …

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