Onion White Rot (OWR) – The Destroyer of Onion Production

02 December 2013

Throughout my time in the primary industry, of which is some 20+ years now. OWR has been at the forefront of one of the most debilitating diseases that intensive production areas face. Even with average crop rotations of 2 crops …

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Another HP ElitePad won...

02 October 2013

I have had the pleasure of drawing the 6th and last HP ElitePad tablet for the time being for our website and blog launch.. A HUGE congratulations to Clive Lietze from Gore. …

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How does Sharpen work ?????

19 September 2013

Have had a fair few requests re how Sharpen works. Here is what I think best explains and illustrates the question. …

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3 more HP ElitePads won for blogging

02 September 2013

A HUGE congratulations to Steve Sim of Rakaia, Dave Schrader of Timaru and Rob Cox of Pukekohe for winning an HP ElitePad tablet in the register and post a comment on the the BASF website and blog. …

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On-Farm Plastic Recycling - Do you participate?

19 August 2013

A great article on on-farm plastic recycling in the Rural Contractor magazine, discussing findings by Plasback. …

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What is sustainability in our primary industries?

13 August 2013

In today's edition of Diary News, a publication by Rural News Group is an article taken from an interview I did with the Dairy News team, post a recent sustainability symposium I attended in Berlin. I would be interested in …

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News & Information Electronically

01 August 2013

As news & information is vastly becoming more relevant and up to date via websites, blogs, tweets, etc etc etc, is this the avenue our primary industry should be travelling? I feel it is the correct route, yes it will …

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All things White Rot

31 July 2013

At conference in Wellington at present, have to say a topic being spoken to me the most is White Rot and chemical programs for White Rot. Be great to have your thoughts on what is being applied, how big the …

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Two of five HP ElitePads won for blogging

29 July 2013

Congratulations to Graeme Hunger and Phil Enticott, you are the winners of the first two HP ELitePads to be won. Thank you both, along with all that has signed up and posted a comment on the blog. …

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Onions - July Already

04 July 2013

Into July already. …

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