Onion White Rot (OWR) – The Destroyer of Onion Production

02 December 2013

Throughout my time in the primary industry, of which is some 20+ years now. OWR has been at the forefront of one of the most debilitating diseases that intensive production areas face. Even with average crop rotations of 2 crops …

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Another HP ElitePad won...

02 October 2013

I have had the pleasure of drawing the 6th and last HP ElitePad tablet for the time being for our website and blog launch.. A HUGE congratulations to Clive Lietze from Gore. …

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Big STORM in Canterbury & Irrigators

20 September 2013

Last weeks big wind storm has damaged over 800 irrigators which could have a huge impact on production throughout the Canterbury region. …

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How does Sharpen work ?????

19 September 2013

Have had a fair few requests re how Sharpen works. Here is what I think best explains and illustrates the question. …

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All things Sharpen.............

12 September 2013

With Sharpen being used commercially in New Zealand coming up 18 months. Feel it worth while in putting up a thread on the topic of all things Sharpen. …

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3 more HP ElitePads won for blogging

02 September 2013

A HUGE congratulations to Steve Sim of Rakaia, Dave Schrader of Timaru and Rob Cox of Pukekohe for winning an HP ElitePad tablet in the register and post a comment on the the BASF website and blog. …

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On-Farm Plastic Recycling - Do you participate?

19 August 2013

A great article on on-farm plastic recycling in the Rural Contractor magazine, discussing findings by Plasback. …

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What is sustainability in our primary industries?

13 August 2013

In today's edition of Diary News, a publication by Rural News Group is an article taken from an interview I did with the Dairy News team, post a recent sustainability symposium I attended in Berlin. I would be interested in …

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News & Information Electronically

01 August 2013

As news & information is vastly becoming more relevant and up to date via websites, blogs, tweets, etc etc etc, is this the avenue our primary industry should be travelling? I feel it is the correct route, yes it will …

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All things White Rot

31 July 2013

At conference in Wellington at present, have to say a topic being spoken to me the most is White Rot and chemical programs for White Rot. Be great to have your thoughts on what is being applied, how big the …

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