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The Opus upgrade is finally here

17 September 2012

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Opus has been New Zealand’s market leading, cereal fungicide for many years. We know you still love it (and swear by it), but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t improve it. Especially when it means you can increase your income by an average $95 per hectare!

Opus Ultimate offers up to 15% better disease control in barley, wheat and ryegrass. Local trials, which have been backed up by growers experience in UK, show in four irrigated trials Opus Ultimate, at field rates, consistently out-yielded Opus by an average of 237kg/ha grain. At $400/tonne, that’s a tidy $95/ha

In five trials in 2011, Opus Ultimate out-yielded the untreated by more than 3 t/ha.grain on average

In the 2010 season, the Opus Ultimate advantage was clearly seen on stripe rust and powdery mildew; and in 2011 on brown rust and speckled leaf blotch.

Unlike Opus, Opus Ultimate is a single-action emulsifying formulation for faster, more effective, action against all fungal diseases.

For a copy of the label click here

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