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SHARPEN....... 12+ months commercial use in Maize NZ

20 June 2013

From the BASF point of view an important question that first needs to be tackled is:

What is the true VALUE to a grower of a weed free maize ???


Growers were generally very happy with SHARPEN and will use it more widely as a burndown, pre-emergence and post harvest clean-up tool in maize & sweetcorn crops this coming 2013 growing season.

Outstanding results were obtained in many blocks with enhanced burndown speed, along with capturing some of the harder to control weeds that glyphosate struggles with.

Noticable instances reported were where the accelerated breakdown of weed and grass matter took place, enabling easier cultivation / ground preparation.

SHARPEN is not very suitable for raw peat blocks as these usually require a post emergence spray, thus at times possibly negating some of the benefit of SHARPEN.

SHARPEN + acetochlor works best under good soil conditions where there is sufficient soil "consolidation" to retain soil moisture in the seed bed.

SHARPEN may not be suitable for some very light soils where the impact of the planter creates ridges which lack moisture.

Both SHARPEN and acetochlor need to stay in the soil solution to be picked up by germinating weeds.

From a BASF perspective, there were some challenges associated with marketing a product that has both foliar activity at one rate, along with residual activity when used as a pre-emergent at a higher rate. However, in general, this has been grasped very well by growers who have embraced the flexibility and power of SHARPEN®.

See the following link to a pdf of a recent presentation put together, containing predominantly pictures to give some examples of SHARPEN used in Maize

SHARPEN Presentation 1 Season full use May

More will be revealed as another growing season is upcoming. If you have any questions, feedback etc, please make contact with your merchant or BASF

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