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The Sharpest Herbicide Solution YET is now Registered in Sweetcorn

29 October 2013

The Sharpest Herbicide Solution YET

Sweetcorn growers can now get Faster. Longer. Broader Control, with Sharpen, powered by Kixor from BASF - The Chemical Company

This year sees the registration in New Zealand of the very successful maize herbicide into Sweetcorn. Sharpen will revolutionise the way in which you prepare your crops and pasture.

It's the break-through herbicide with two distinctive common applications:

  1. Pasture burndown (Sharpen + glyphosate) which equals rapid more complete, pasture/weed burndown and brown-out. Now you can choose to graze longer or plant earlier.
  2. Pre-emergent weed control for maize crops (Sharpen + grass residual) equals a hard hitting, pre-emergent solution for maize crops, offering an extended period of residual weed control.

Sharpen will become an integral product in the grower's toolbox for pre-plant burndown in seed bed preparation and conservation tillage or pasture renovation. Sharpen in mixture with glyphosate will broaden the spectrum of and give a faster burnout. The quicker degradation of the plant material and sod evident in the Sharpen + glyphosate treated area may enable earlier cultivation and less energy / fuel to pull cultivation equipment through the soil, allowing longer grazing, or earlier planting/faster seedbed preparation.

Apply as a pre-plant burn down prior to sowing new crop or pasture. Always apply Sharpen 25 g/ha in mixture with an approved glyphosate formulation at the manufacturers recommended rates. Use no more than 2 times prior to planting, ensuring at least 21 days between applications. Discuss with your local Technical Adviser re the Crop Plant Back & Rotational Recommendations table for crop specific recommendations. Always use with a suitable adjuvant e.g. Hasten.

Over 3 season of trials it has been shown that Sharpen + acetochlor, S-metolachlor or Frontier-P usually eliminates the need to come back with post-emergence weed control, this has the potential to equate to huge savings for you the grower, almost a shut the gate and get on with business approach.

Sharpen replaces atrazine pre-emergence in Sweetcorn, adding this to the favourable environmental, toxicological and ecotoxicological profile, Sharpen fits well into good agricultural practise (GAP) within the primary industry.

Apply Sharpen at 150 g/ha once to maize crops as a pre-emergence treatment as soon as practical after planting and before the crop or weeds emerge. Always apply Sharpen in mixture with acetochlor, S-metolachlor or Frontier-P at the manufacturers recommended rates.

Sharpen is available in two convenient packs a 150 g pack or 500 g pack complete with handy measuring cap

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