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Adexar® - The One Can Solution for Wheat & Barley now registered

04 September 2014

Adexar is a new generation of fungicide for sustainable cereal crop protection

Utilising the proven benefits of Xemium®, Adexar® offers a new level of flexible and sustainable disease control giving cereal crop growers another important string to their bow.   Adexar® offers a new level of flexibility for wheat growers via two applications to the crop. While in Barley, a combination of Systiva® (BASF’s first postemergence fungicide spray applied to the seed), and one application of Adexar will deliver optimum results. In both crops Adexar® provides an eco-friendlier solution with the widest window of application, flexibility, disease control, minimum washoff and maximum coverage plus sustainability!  

For more information contact your rural merchant.

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