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“The Great D D T Muster”

22 April 2015

3R Group, programme managers for Agrecovery, have just launched a 2 year project called “The Great DDT Muster”.  

It is a nationwide campaign for the collection and disposal of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), including DDT, Lindane, and Dieldrin plus other banned pesticides which were in widespread use in rural New Zealand in the 1940s to 1970s.  Sale and use of POPs in New Zealand has been banned since 2004, however it is thought that at least five tonnes still remain at large on rural properties due to people being unsure of how to dispose of them or unwilling to pay for commercial collection services.

3R Group have created a website The great D D T muster with full details of the project.

Project governance, management and funding is completely independent of Agrecovery, however the Agrecovery Foundation has allowed us to utilise the chemical programme’s existing online booking system for farmers and growers to register their items for collection.  The project will definitely raise awareness of disposal issues and recycling, which should bring ongoing benefit to Agrecovery.

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